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Toni and Bleri

2018/ 4K/ 16:9/ 20 min. / DCP

During one of the last days of the winter two young Kosovar actors find some left over construction material. While dreaming about leaving the country without the visa hassle they decide to take the shattered parts with them. At an abandoned building they start constructing the different parts building their own one-man rocket - while stories from the past are brought up. Both boys decide that the rocket needs to be launched from the top of the highest mountains in Kosovo, the mythical Accursed mountains. After a dreadful hike to the top of the Accursed mountains, one of the boys will be launched into a new future.

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund, Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and Stroom The Hague.


2017 / HD / 7.40 min. 

In London important sites and buildings are surrounded by fancy benches and flower pots. Though these sculptural objects are not there just for the eye. The so-called hostile vehicle mitigations should protect buildings and sites of potential destructive terrorists attacks. The film focused on several hostile vehicle mitigations in the ring of steel in London, their 'natural' habitat and the influence they have on our daily lives.

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund