2022/ 4K/ 16:9/ stereo sound/ 22.33 min. / Dutch with English subtitles

A group of young girls dive into the complex hidden world of tax evasion by big foreign companies in the Netherlands. What happens behind the closed doors of these big anonymous office buildings in the suburbs of Amsterdam?

Director/editor: Katja Verheul
D.o.p.: Tom Enzler
Choreography: Roma Koolen
Casting/research: Laura Bokhoven, Katja Verheul
Set sound: Jurriaan Kruithof
Music and Sound Design: Cesi Denise Nolten
Color correction: Tom Enzler

Atessa Hajivandi
Jara de Jong
Linde Lodewijk
Mira Szaniszlo
Nadia Alachari

With the support of AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and Werktuig PPO.