Toni and Bleri
2018/ 4K /16:9/ stereo sound/ 20 min./ DCP

During one of the last days of the winter two young Kosovar actors find some left over construction material. While dreaming about leaving the country without the visa hassle they decide to take the shattered parts with them. At an abandoned building they start constructing the different parts building their own one-man rocket - while stories from the past are brought up. Both boys decide that the rocket needs to be launched from the top of the highest mountains in Kosovo, the mythical Accursed mountains. After a dreadful hike to the top of the Accursed mountains, one of the boys will be launched into a new future.

Toni: Edlir Gashi
Bleri: Leonit Maloku
Director/editor: Katja Verheul
D.o.p.: Adonis Krasniqi
D.o.p. assistant: Arbnor Gjinovci
Sound recording: Muhamet Veseli
Sound recording assistant: Ilir Veseli
Music and Sound Design: Cesi Denise Nolten
Color correction: Guillaume Souren
Translation: Nol Berisha
Rocket design: National Theatre Prishtina, Katja Verheul
Location scouting Rugova: Bnadventure
Location scouting Prishtina: Edlir Gashi, Leonit Maloku

With the support of Mondriaan Fonds, Stroom Den Haag and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Kosovo.