Red Dust
2024/ 4K/ 16:9/ stereo sound/ 17:09 min. / French with English subtitles

A couple of times a year, the sky turns red in France. Sand dust from the Sahara is passed through a difference in air pressure from North Africa to Southern Europe. This dust, a time capsule containing cesium-137 from the French nuclear tests in Algeria, covers everything. The film exposes the impact of a war that was never fought. A French veteran and archeology students share and speculate on what will be remembered and what will be hidden under the sand forever.

Director/editor: Katja Verheul

(in order of appearance)
Reconstruction test site
3D Reconstruction Design: Faysal Mroueh

EUMETSAT footage
European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites

Interview François Hamant
With: François Hamant
D.o.P.: Christian Paulussen
Sound recording: Christian Paulussen
Interview and translation: Maria Hohmann

Future Sahara
With: Thomas Chaput and Juliette Pautrat.
Voice-over: Judith Gatt
D.o.P.: Loïc Larrouze
Sound recording: Chloé Mazoyer
Production: Mezli Vega Osorno

Music and Sound Design: Cesi Denise Nolten
Colour Correction: Marco De Stefanis

With the support of CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fonds, Cultuurfonds, Dos Mares residency program and GPC Lab.