Red Dust
In production 

A couple of times a year the sky turns red in France. Sand dust from the Sahara is passed through a difference in air pressure from North Africa to Southern Europe. Everything is covered by a thick layer of red sand. Samples taken from car windows show that the red sand contains cesium-137; radioactive material produced by the fission of uranium-235 in nuclear weapons. With the question: what is the impact of a war on people and nature? - I want to visualize and interrogate these remains of the French nuclear tests in the desert of Algeria 60 years ago, based on the material damage it leaves behind for nature and in humans. I do this by interviewing ex-soldiers, scientists, doctors and filming their research and stories from a great distance and microscopically up close. 

With the support of CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Horizon Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (research), Mondriaan Fonds, The Golden Pixel Cooperative and Dos Mares residency Marseille.