Commissioned Work

I love looking at something and imagining it having its own secret life full of humorous, provocative and unexpected twists and turns. I work closely with creators as an image translator. I observe, dig deep and render their work into a stimulating film, featuring the design in a playful and intriguing cinematic narrative. I do this by making powerful shorts and mini-documentaries.

I am Katja Verheul a filmmaker/artistic archeologist based in Rotterdam (NL). I am always interested in starting new
collaborationsFeel free to get in touch with me at

Kaan Architecten

Poster design by FROM FORM

stills DYNAMO

DYNAMO weaves a mysterious tale of a creature wandering around the empty CUBE. Nothing can stay hidden in a completely transparent building. But what are we watching? Or rather, who is watching who?

Directed and edited by: Katja Verheul
Sound Design: Denise Nolten
Sound Recording: Ana Guedes
Color Grading: Marco de Stefanis
Featuring: Dynamo 
Production: Martina Margini
Client: Kaan Architecten, as part of their Minutes Series

Watch the whole film HERE

Interview about the project and my research can be watched HERE

copyright Katja Verheul 2023